Some Catholic leaders are reaching out to President Donald Trump and other high-ranking officials to describe what their idea of a “comprehensive pro-life approach” should look like.

Eight Catholic organizations signed and sent a two-page letter on Jan. 27 to the president outlining their concerns for the future. The six areas of concerns were global conflict and violence, immigration, climate change, health care and social services, the refugee crisis and criminal justice. Abortion was mentioned only briefly in the beginning to say that abortion rates have declined after more comprehensive services were offered to women and families.

The groups started their letter welcoming “the opportunity to work with this new administration to promote the common good.”

Continuing, “As Catholics, we see the human person as created in the image and likeness of God, and value all life as sacred. This sacredness is threatened with each sister and brother left vulnerable in our society. This includes the immigrant, the refugee, the mother at risk, the unborn child, people with disabilities, and the prisoner on death row.”

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