Holy Spirit Parish is currently putting our Sacrament preparation programs on hold. We hope to adapt our Confirmation program to a socially distanced, yet still engaging and effective, model. We do not yet have registration forms or starting dates for those children in grade 6 or older who wish to begin preparing for Confirmation. Hopefully, the delay in starting the program will not need lead to a delay in the outpouring of God’s grace the children receive in this Sacrament. It is possible, however, that the most prudent decision would be to hold off for another year. 

In addition, we do not yet have a Confirmation date for those current grade 7 students who were enrolled in our Sacrament programs last Fall. We hope this celebration can be an occasion for great rejoicing with friends and family. The Sacraments of initiation are most appropriately celebrated with the Church community gathered as one, welcoming the children more deeply into the Body of Christ together. The current health precautions prevent the full communal participation in the life-changing encounter of grace at Confirmation. The staff at Holy Spirit Parish and the Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall are working to discover the best ways to preserve the integrity of the celebrations while maintaining public health standards. 

As soon as the dates and formats are chosen for the preparation program, or and for the celebration of the Sacrament itself, we will announce the plans at weekend Masses, update the website, and send an announcement to parents through the Ottawa Catholic School Board. 

For further questions, contact 

Sean Flynn
Youth Minister
Sacramental Preparation Coordinator
613.836.8881 ext.3



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